Micah B Howard
Setup for Online Lessons

The following setup recommendations are not required, but they will make for a far superior experience for both the student and Micah, with better sound quality and visuals.

Internet Connection

The higher the upload and download speed, the better. Regardless, it is better to connect to your network with an ethernet cable for a more reliable connection rather than relying on wifi. And while it is possible to have lessons with a smaller device such as an iPad or a cell phone, a computer with at least 4G of RAM is recommended. To learn more about the Zoom system requirements, go here.

USB Microphone

It is highly recommended that a USB microphone, such as a Blue Snowball Microphone (pictured and linked below), be used for the best audio quality.


It is important to use headphones during online lessons to eliminate feedback.

Camera Angle and Lighting

Be sure you are directly facing your camera, and there is plenty of light directed toward you, with as little backlight as possible. It is also important for Micah to have a full view of both of your hands and arms, as well as a view of your bass from the bridge up. See the example below:

Zoom Audio Settings

Be sure to download the Zoom Desktop Client and adjust the audio settings to high fidelity with natural sound selected. For a detailed description on how to adjust zoom audio settings, please go here.

If you have any questions regarding setup, please contact Micah.

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