Hello! My name is Micah Howard. I have been a member of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra since 1996, and I am an Artist Lecturer at Carnegie Mellon University (learn more…). Thank you for visiting my website.

I am dedicated to helping students pursue their dreams in music. If you are interested in studying with me at Carnegie Mellon University, click here to contact me.

Download a free PDF of my Double Bass Handbook here and my scale book here! Please share these with your students, friends and colleagues.

“Micah Howard is one of the finest teachers and mentors I have ever seen in action. He is a consummate musician and accomplished performer, exhibiting the highest technical and musical standards. While there are many excellent teachers and players in our world, Micah’s qualities as a human being make him truly exceptional. His tenacious commitment to his students, in addition to his integrity and keen intelligence, has yielded remarkable professional success for his studios at CMU and Duquesne. I deeply admire the culture of responsibility Micah fosters, how he instills the highest standards of professionalism in his students, and how he exemplifies excellent music making.” – Jeff Turner, Principal Bass, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Micah Howard with Jeffrey Turner, Principal Bass of the Pittsburgh Symphony, performing David Anderson Duos