“Micah Howard is one of the most talented double bass instructors today. His approach to teaching is specific to the needs of each individual student while fostering a strong sense of community in his bass studio. He instills in his students a comprehensive knowledge of technique and repertoire enabling them to be successful in any audition or performance they pursue. For me personally, Professor Howard was able to build my confidence in taking auditions and give me strategies for making immediate and lasting improvements to my playing.“ – Jason McNeel, Double Bass, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra and CMU Graduate

“Micah Howard is one of the finest teachers and mentors I have ever seen in action. He is a consummate musician and accomplished performer, exhibiting the highest technical and musical standards. While there are many excellent teachers and players in our world, Micah’s qualities as a human being make him truly exceptional. His tenacious commitment to his students, in addition to his integrity and keen intelligence, has yielded remarkable professional success for his studios at CMU and Duquesne. I deeply admire the culture of responsibility Micah fosters, how he instills the highest standards of professionalism in his students, and how he exemplifies excellent music making.” – Jeff Turner, Double Bass Professor, Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University and Former Principal Bass, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

“Studying with Micah has been an unforgettably rewarding experience. His knowledge of orchestral playing, as well as producing the best possible bass sound, is unparalleled by anyone I have ever met.” – Joseph Gaskins, Current CMU Advanced Music Studies Student

“CMU has it all: outstanding and supportive faculty, talented and driven students, easy access to one of the world’s top symphonies, and great facilities, all on a truly breathtaking campus.” – Ted Merritt, Double Bass, Utah Symphony Orchestra and CMU Graduate

“Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh have been very supportive and inspiring communities for me. Having an incredible, world-class orchestra with an awesome bass section like the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra basically down the street was a great experience and learning opportunity. Getting to play for many of the PSO bassists in lessons and classes were highlights of my time at CMU, not to mention all the great musicians that came through to give masterclasses and recitals.” – Cory Palmer, Principal Bass, Rochester Philharmonic and CMU Graduate

“Studying bass at Carnegie Mellon University was a truly transformative experience for me. Being mentored by world-class musicians from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in an inspiring and supportive community allowed me to develop greatly and provided me with many opportunities.” – Joel Reist, Principal Bass, Nashville Symphony Orchestra and CMU Graduate

“The music program at CMU, as it is with the arts community at large in Pittsburgh, is built on hard work, creativity, patience, and the ceaseless pursuit of intellectual growth. The faculty and fellow students both within and without the music school are inspiring through their positivity and constructiveness. A degree at CMU will provide a full ‘toolbox’ of solutions to the many issues bound to arise throughout one’s career as well as provide the critical skills needed to keep adding to that toolbox.” – Paul Matz, Double Bass, Contracted for one year with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and CMU Graduate